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Your letters

I would like explain to everyone who signed the petition for getting rid of Bupa from Worthing Hospital how bad this idea is.

I have had back problems for the last 14 years. I am 47, have lost three discs from my spine and I am waiting to see if I need more surgery on

my back. I had an MRI scan in August, 2014, and I have now been waiting 24 weeks to get an appointment. With the scheme Bupa was going to introduce I could have had my scan and seen a consultant the same day to run through my treatment options.

Now I will have to keep taking pain killers and having no sleep, plus working, hoping I will soon get an appointment.

I hope these people will one day take off their blinkers and see the whole picture.

Worthing Hospital would have benefited from having Bupa there, so the patients that needed this service could have been seen quickly and not have to tolerate months of pain waiting for and appointment.

Carol Mansfield

Hillside Road


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