Too far for students

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I READ with interest that Worthing College plans to move from its current site next to Durrington railway station to the old Aviva site on the edge of Worthing, as I have a daughter planning to go there this year.

Despite all of the positive noises from the college principal and various Worthing councillors, this strikes me as a move for the benefit of the college itself – together with a few house-building firms – rather than something with the students’ interest fully at heart.

Although the site may be spacious and great for a number of reasons, its chief drawback is accessibility.

Fine for staff members who drive cars but no good to the 16 and 17 year olds who have no licence, let alone a car. If they don’t live in Salvington or Broadwater, how are they to get there?

The few buses that get close from the centre of town still leave the A27 to cross – no mean feat during the day – and if they live in West Worthing or Goring, they have to get to the centre of town first to then embark on the journey out to the new site.

Frankly, it’s quicker and easier to get to Chichester or Brighton by public transport from Goring than it is to get to the new site.

There is also the timing of the announcement and change.

Those hoping to start in September this year were offered their places in January/February and expecting to spend two years at a central location. Now they’re being told that actually their second year will be at this inaccessible site, not the central location.

If the college needs to move then, why not leave it for a year so that those who expected to complete their studies at the current site can do so? At least those applying later this year will know the score, unlike those who applied last year.

As the college moves, perhaps it should be renamed Broadwater College, to more accurately reflect the area it serves, as it will no longer be capable of serving all of Worthing.

Nick Gilbert

Brook Barn Way