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Your letters

I was overwhelmed by all the words of thanks and appreciation for my 27 years at Worthing High School (37 years in total), following my retirement, and the realisation that I had touched and affected so many people’s lives.

It is hard to believe that over 1,600 former students have commented on Facebook (which I do not belong to) with so many words of affection and memories.

Although regarded by many as the ‘hitman’ for many years, to whom many a naughty student was sent, my overriding principle was to be firm but fair and treat each student as an individual and ensure that they understood values and respect – important issues instilled in me as a young child by my own dear parents.

I have enjoyed a fulfilling career as a teacher, not only in my role as an assistant head teacher with important decisions to make, but also my role as teacher, be it in the classroom or the rugby field.

I have enjoyed every minute of it and been a part of so many young people’s lives.

However, I am very concerned where this great profession is going and the relentless pressure placed on teachers nowadays by successive ministers of education and Ofsted.

Those who know me understand that I require the highest standards from teachers, as young people only get one shot at a good education, but, I feel, the present pursuit for exam results over a good all-round education is being lost.

Listen to what I am saying, Mr Gove, as there are not thousands of good teachers waiting in the wings to fill the posts of so many good teachers leaving the profession.

I wish every student, past and present, good luck and fulfilment in their lives, and, of course, Worthing High School every success in the future.

Rhys Price

The Heights


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