Tower: ‘yes, it is a step too far’

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Regarding the proposed montrous blot on the landscape, Worthing’s tower block, I feel I must comment.

While I understand that Worthing Borough Council must recoup costs towards the swimming pool spend, there has to be a more sympathetically designed plan for the area, rather than what resembles a sink estate in London – the kind that other parts of the country are tearing down.

The developers call it ‘iconic’ – wasn’t that the term that was used for the Splashpoint pool, which will potentially be swallowed up by the development?

To use the word ‘iconic’ smacks of a vanity project by the developers, as I am sure no-one in the immediate vicinity of this overwhelming tribute to 1970s concrete architecture would consider it to be iconic.

Would there really be a demand locally for a high-rise development overlooking the new Rampion wind farm? I think not.

I am guessing that the tower block flats would be bought by people from further afield who want weekend retreats/holiday homes, leaving said tower unoccupied the majority of the time.

It is all very well people in leafy Ferring and Goring commenting positively about the development, but I am sure if the chips were down and they were faced with a tower casting a shadow over their homes, or having their privacy stripped away by dozens of flats overlooking their properties, then perhaps they might feel as we all do.

This is on the edge of a conservation area and is surrounded by listed buildings, for goodness’ sake!

If the planners pass this development it may be the beginning of the end for Worthing’s beautiful seafront. It will destroy the heritage and character of the area, set a precedent for ugly, high-rise living and all sense of community will be lost.

To quote the Herald’s headline: the tower block is quite simply ‘a step too far’.

Nicola Sheeran

Warwick Road


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