Town centre sandpit scheme is cringe-worthy

Sandpit in Worthing; a brilliant idea! We could have deck chairs, an ice cream parlour, food bins for seagulls and sand breakers to prevent sand blowing all over town in high winds, causing havoc.

We could erect stocks to enable us to thrown bad eggs at the councillors, who have suggested the idiotic idea.

The media states that Birmingham (inner city) and Paris (inner city) have sandpits. The citizens of the latter cities must cringe at the thought of a seaside town having a sandpit placed in the town, why invite scorn and disbelief on yourselves, but then, our council has a habit of doing so.

The same council who continued with the highways to design an obtrusive pavement from Chapel Road to South Street.

When I asked the council why it was designed in that way, they replied with “we didn’t envisage so much traffic would be using Chapel Road”.

Give me strength. The latter is one of two main roads into Worthing (the other being High Street).

One illustration is that I was standing 12 inches inside the pavement, and a bus driver sounded his horn asking me to move. The bus was trying to go past a stationary bus in front of his bus, protruding over the pavement I was standing on.

Sandpit, yes, on a designated area on the beach with a tide barrier to prevent the sand being washed away. Mums, dads and children would love it.

I am not a member of the Victor Meldrew club, just a realist seeing things as they are.

It would be appreciated if the council could respond.

George Dixon

East Worthing