Town ‘has had it’...

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I CANNOT believe there can be such a contrast in towns.

Take Horsham, for instance. I went up there for a day of Christmas shopping – what an eye-opener.

I stopped at Southwater and did park and ride, it cost me £2 for the car, and that included the bus ride into Horsham.

It was for the day. Can you imagine what parking would have cost in Worthing?

This encourages people to go into the town without worrying as regards finding a place to park and the cost. As I entered Swan Walk, what a sight. The decorations are out of this world – it’s certainly Christmas in Horsham.

Worthing has just managed to put a few strategic lights up in Montague Street. Whoopee! Quite pathetic if you ask me.

I’m afraid Worthing has had it. It’s a nothing town. I know where I’m going to do my shopping and it certainly won’t be Worthing.

Mrs A. E. Brooker

Downside Avenue