Town not open to new friends

Is Worthing a friendly town, a new reader asks?

Well, that depends on your age and circumstance.

Young families seem to fare best in this area and quickly find friends.

Car owners, too, have an advantage as they can give friends lifts to clubs and entertainments which are usually held in evenings when buses disappear.

Older folk who like bingo can make friends much quicker than those with intellectual hobbies.

For this reason, oldie singles who live alone and have bookish tastes are probably the most isolated group of all.

With no car or close family, they are overlooked in society – 21st century outcasts!

A friend who visited a Worthing literary group spent two hours at a local venue and found not a soul spoke to him.

Another friend on two sticks is rarely given a lift anywhere and these folk are typical of our uncaring area.

The same disabled friend approached three churches requesting a lift to church on Sundays.

None were forthcoming.

Big Society, Mr Cameron?

Don’t look our way, though it seems Brighton is much better in this respect.

B. Bailey

Monks Court