Town’s ‘common sense’ victory

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Your letters

E. Stevens’s reasoning on the 20mph limit (Your Letters, Herald, January 8) is flawed.

One year is far too short a time period to draw conclusions. There is a large element of luck like throwing a die, so the results must be obtained over a much longer period.

For example, Portsmouth was lauded by 20’s Plenty when it first came out, as the number of accidents also fell in the first year. The fact that they were more serious was ignored. Now it is second only to London in the number of cyclist and pedestrian casualties.

The Worthing County Local Committee did the right thing and abided by the overwhelming result of 69 per cent against.

I cannot believe that the average speed across Brighton is 20mph.

The congestion is terrible, in spite of the amount of traffic being reduced.

Most drivers now avoid it when they can, which was one of the stated aims of the scheme.

Only 12 per cent of accidents occur because of speed, while 40 per cent happen because of lack of concentration.

Drivers will become frustrated and tend to pay less attention when driving at too slow a speed for the conditions.

The schemes are very expensive and waste money that would be better spent where the many cuts are being made at present.

Thankfully, most people can understand this, which is why the 20 limit was rejected by such a large majority.

Here in Worthing there has been a victory for common sense.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue


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