Traffic chaos as the roadworks go on

THE complete mismanagement of the roadworks in Shoreham High Street has caused, and is causing, misery for motorists.

Owing to the incompetence in traffic management during this work, the journey between Lancing Beach Green and the roadworks is now taking an hour.

While we all understand the need for these works, the way the traffic has been handled is a disgrace.

I have complained to West Sussex highways department and contacted Southern Gas Networks to find out who is responsible for advising the contractors in planning traffic management and diversions, but have had no response.

Based on previous dealings with them, I don’t hold out much hope of improvements being made or lessons being learned.

More alarmingly, I have heard that following the gas main replacement, the water company will re-dig the same stretch of road to work on the water main, causing similar chaos.

How much is this all costing the local economy, the motorist and the environment?

Mr Mardon

Sea Lane