Traffic worries

I have visited the new site for Worthing College this past weekend, along with many members of the public.

The Warren campus is certainly extensive and the facilities look very promising, although the actual refurbishing of the rooms looks very much like a work in progress. It is a huge step up from the current premises and hopefully will meet or surpass expectations.

However, I could not help but feel a deep sense of foreboding, which I fervently hope will be unfounded. I recall the building of a footbridge at Northbook College, and also at Boundstone (as it was then called), and The Angmering School.

I applauded the principle that a student’s life is too high a price to pay for choosing a cheaper solution. How can it now be that this approach is no longer considered appropriate? I can’t think of a more congested roundabout locally, than that which borders the college site. The introduction of traffic lights a few years ago rendered it a cauldron of frustration for motorists and local people do their best to avoid it. Pedestrian crossings are never a good idea close to a roundabout; there are plenty of floral shrines to illustrate that. We are faced however with a problematic roundabout that will have yet more lights and far more vehicles.

I do hope that in a few years one of your readers can write to you pointing out that I was making a fuss about nothing. I really do hope so.

Mick Frayne

Strathmore Road