Trolley trauma

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ON Saturday, February 19, at approximately 4pm, I was on a 700 double-decker bus outside the Dome, waiting for the driver to start off, when a woman and a teenage boy approached the bus with a shopping trolley full of shopping from Iceland.

She proceeded to load all the shopping on to the parcel shelf of the bus, then they both got on the bus and stood in front of their shopping.

The driver told the woman that she couldn’t leave the trolley right in the bus stop, whereby she stuck out a foot and kicked the trolley into the middle of the path outside the Dome cinema, and then stood by her shopping again.

As the bus pulled away, the trolley was left for anyone to fall over or worse.

What an example to set the young boy!

The point of this letter is to find out what other readers think I should have done. As it was, I did nothing and I despise myself for taking no action. What would the law of our land have to say, and is there any provision for such low-life behaviour?

Terry Wynn

Brighton Road