Tyre-some holes

While I saw the serious side to the Herald’s headlines about the poor state of Worthing’s roads, there was, to my way of thinking, a rather amusing side to the comments from the driving instructor and his damaged tyre. Let’s look at things from another point of view.

For the majority of Worthing’s drivers, the use of the roads is to get from A to B, park up for a while, sometimes a whole day if they are daily commuters (another problem!) and then return home after their visit or commute.

With driving instructors, their day is different. How many use Worthing’s roads in just one day? A good question – does anyone know? Their routine utilises the roads constantly and mostly over the same routes through the town.

So, it occurs to me that by sheer numbers and constant use of the roads – sometimes seven days a week and into evenings as well – it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see who wears out Worthing’s roads. It may be just my sense of humour, but I think that is funny but I also think it might be a case of `biter bit’.

David Wakefield

Goldsmith Road