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Your letters

I have recently been the victim of a crime that has had a difficult and expensive result for me and been a minor exercise for others.

On the night of December 5/6, my partner’s vehicle was parked on the road outside my house, as was a neighbour’s van. During the night, both offside tyres on both vehicles were slashed with a stilletto knife.We reported this to Sussex Police.

Details were taken and it was merely recorded and crime numbers issued. No police would attend and the crime was dead.

As for us, we had to have time off work, as most tyre companies did not work on Sundays. We had Monday morning off work in order to replace two tyres costing £116.40. More to my neighbour’s van.

We started to investigate this crime ourselves. We have discovered 11 vehicles within the road and surrounding roads had suffered the same incident at the same time.

We intend to send a small letter to all our neighbours so they can be aware and we intend to ask the council to leave lighting on in the streets all night. We also intend to ask our local politicians to highlight the plight of the victims of petty crime.

We would also like chief constables to refrain from saying that budget cuts will not affect the public.

I know more serious crime exists and those victims need everyone’s support and all attention should go to them first – however, are we just going to accept that a person who wishes to have ‘fun’ slashing tyres can just do

it and the victims just pay

out hundreds of pounds replacing them?

The added expense makes Christmas even harder and I, for one, will not just sit back and allow this to happen. I am investigating my own crime and when I have sufficiant evidence for a reasonable court to convict, I will give this package to the police.

I just hope they don’t expect us to do this forever.

Jackie Smith

The Avenue


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