UKIP message being heard?

The tide is turning, we are being heard.

Our message is reaching our voters.

We are a party with genuine concerns for the present state of Britain.

Voters are now realising that the three other main parties all have the same approach to the loss of sovereignty that Britain is experiencing.

Lack of control of our borders, services now at bursting point, hospitals under extreme pressure to cope, schools unable to give parents the choice of their preferred school, controls and regulations pouring out of Europe, even new controls covering the classic cars are now being considered, not to mention the uncontrolled import of European timber which could be the cause of fungi to our ash trees, all as a result of European legislation.

With the loss of the Britain to determine its future in the world and with £50 millon paid to Europe every day, is it any wonder we are needing to borrow money?

Sincere congratulations to Sid Hilsum on his 48 per cent of the vote in the parish by-election.

Well done to all our camaigners and thanks to the residents of Churchill for the support you have given us.

Lionel Parsons

UKIP members secretary