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Your letters

I have been a conservative voter all my life and I have just received a copy of the ‘intouch’ leaflet giving news of events coming up in my local area.

I am appalled to see that a community coffee morning with the Conservative councillors has been arranged at Starbucks. Are they aware that Starbucks is a US company that does not pay all its UK taxes?

Starbucks has a very poor reputation in the UK where it not only avoids paying corporation tax, it also moves into local shopping areas, giving away free coffee and other cheap offers in a bid to force out local independent traders.

There were already two local, independent coffee shops in Broadwater – Muldoon’s and Cappuccinos – so why are they supporting this US giant?

Having said I have been a Conservative all my live, since UKIP came on the scene I have been considering supporting them. They have policies that support Britain and British values more than any other party.

This action of yours to support and bring business to Starbucks when you could have chosen local public houses or indeed St Stephen’s Church coffee shop or Muldoon’s as a venue to hold your ‘community’ meeting, has convinced me that I will indeed give UKIP a vote in coming elections.

Roger Duffield

Rectory Gardens


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