Unacceptable remarks made

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Your letters

With the regard to the write-up in your paper about the Denton Lounge (March 19), I find the remarks made by Liza McKinney very unacceptable.

I, like many other people, go to the Denton quite often. The service is good, their food super (their afternoon tea is lovely), the tables are clean and the staff very good.

In fact, has Liza McKinney written about the wrong place? Many times when you go in there, it is hard to find a spare table.

I see she is a councillor in the Adur district. In the last week, much has been said about the ‘waste’ going into the river at Shoreham, by all accounts from the houseboats. Maybe she would be of more use ‘getting her own house in order’ before causing upset in Worthing.

Judith Pearce

Alinora Crescent


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