‘Unacceptable’ shared usage

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Your letters

It must be said that allowing cyclists to mix with pedestrians is simply unacceptable and ought not to be allowed where it can be avoided in this country.

Some people are deterred from walking where ‘shared use’ is present.

All cyclists carry the delivery of kinetic energy that can be fatal to pedestrians.

Especially at risk are small children, the elderly and the large numbers of us whose families suffer from the vision range restricting problems of glaucoma and/or macular degeneration.

One of our society’s most civilised learnt conventions – and most times legally noted stipulation where common sense remains – is that cyclists do not use the footway, particularly within our established townscapes.

Increased width in these situations merely lessens the introduced risk – it does not remove the threat of shock, injury or death.

Kevin J O’Malley

Liverpool Gardens


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