Unappetising food

HAVING read last week’s letters on the food served in Worthing Hospital with interest, I have to say I agree with Caroline Fusciardi.

I spent an overnight stay in hospital last May and was dismayed at the food available.

I had a sandwich at lunchtime which was fine although that came from the League of Friends café as I was too late for lunch after my op. One evening meal and lunch the next day was enough for me, as I couldn’t finish it as it was so unappetising.

I had a bowl of cereal and some toast and butter for breakfast there was no jam or marmalade offered. I simply filled up on jelly and ice cream for lunch while waiting to be discharged. I couldn’t wait to get home for some fresh fruit and vegetables. I did feel sorry for those who had to stay in hospital for longer and was concerned at how they would build up their strength to aid their recovery.

V. Simmons

Frobisher Close