Unfair charge

Recently I have been attending Worthing Hospital for a number of tests and I have to pay to park each time as a disabled driver.

I don’t know how it can be justified charging blue badge holders to park at the hospital when the local authority and supermarkets do not. I have another appointment this week and I could be in the hospital for some time before I’m allowed to drive home. And because it is often so difficult to find a space in the disabled section I do wonder if all the blue badges displayed are genuine as there is never anyone around to check on drivers?

To make matters even more stressful I was astonished to learn there are no toilets available for patients on every floor of the hospital. While I was waiting in an out-patient clinic on the second floor a middle-aged man arrived with his wife and asked where the loo was to be told he had to go all the way back down to the ground floor. I mentioned this to a member of staff who said they get many complaints but it’s a waste of time raising the issue with management. That is unacceptable.

A hospital is there to serve patients not just for the convenience of staff. If patients and staff aren’t being listened to why would Jeremy Hunt’s ‘family and friends test’ be any more effective? I have never read any letters about the problem in this newspaper and I wonder if it’s because patients are too afraid or embarrassed to write about it or that patients have complained to the hospital and were fobbed-off?

Joan Wade

Wordsworth Road