Unfair critique

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Your letters

I was outraged and horrified at the senseless critique of the Denton Lounge food.

Within 30 years, I owned and worked in ten catering outlets that were extremely successful.

For the past 15 years I have been a customer at the Denton Lounge and seen many staff and managers come and go. Under no circumstances, would I eat there if it was as Mrs McKinney described.

The staff are always helpful, amiable and considerate. The latest manager is professional, helpful and willing to listen to criticism and praise.

Mrs McKinney should have waited to talk to Damien in a quiet and respectful manner so he could have dealt with her obvious problem.

It is hard enough to get and keep decent staff in catering. My company moved to Florida because we could not get good staff locally.

Very few people want to work in catering because of the difficult shifts, and even more difficult customers.

The last laugh is that the council own the Denton Lounge and choose the staff?

June Kirby

Goring Street


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