Unfair fines

I wonder how many readers know of a parking anomaly in Worthing.

I live in Zone C and have discovered recently that because there is no parking time post in the parking bay outside my house it is quite legal for anyone to park there without a parking permit.

I have had this verified by the parking services office in Portland House and I am now in the process of reclaiming a number of parking fines, three totaling £90, imposed when I have parked in a bay without a parking times post. I had already appealed against 2 of these fines at the time without success and I have now discovered I should have had the appeal upheld.

It seems to me that Worthing and West Sussex County Council and especially NSL have been flouting the law at the motorists expense. I wonder how many other of your readers and people in general in Worthing have had parking fines imposed when they shouldn’t have done.

And also I now realise I don’t actually need to pay £35 for a residents parking permit as I can park in a number of bays in my street as long as the said bays don’t have parking time posts adjacent to them.

David Taylor

Madeira Avenue