Unhappy at bus cuts

WE are a local group from Bus Users UK (a major organisation representing bus users), and are unhappy about the scale of cut-backs to supported bus services, which include a few daytime services.

Thank you for listing the cut-backs, although this did not emphasise how with West Sussex County council nearly halving total bus support, means evening and Sunday services in Worthing/Lancing risk being severely curtailed.

So, basically, the only bus service likely to be left running in the evenings could be the service 700 (leaving no direct services to the hospital, Lyons Farm or most of Lancing). Sunday fares only a little better – with only the Pulse, and the Horsham-Findon-Worthing service being reinstated.

We are particularly concerned for those without a car (including shop and catering workers), who will find it difficult to get to work, or find it difficult to get to school. Also, leisure users who will lose out.

The consultation is under way, until June 10. If you are likely to be inconvenienced by the cut-backs, please contact the county council via their website, or 01243 642105. The time to act is now.

Peter Elvidge, secretary, Bus Users UK (central Sussex group)

Wish Road