United against parking zone

The recent actions of West Sussex County Council following the recent extension of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) to East Worthing has united residents against the new parking arrangements.

Whether you are for the scheme or against, the current format suits nobody.

Many have already written with their own experiences.

The result has been many roads, in particular Chesswood Road, being empty of cars whilst others such as Ham Road are overwhelmed.

Prior to the zone extension there was sufficient space in the Ham Road area for all, be you a resident or commuter.

It is clear that WSCC has no interest or understanding of the problems its actions have caused, let alone any wish to try to improve matters.

Despite two-thirds of those who responded in the “consultation” objecting to the new scheme for one reason or another , WSCC still felt it knew best and continued to implement the parking extension come what may.

Well, WSCC, it is not a matter of waiting for the scheme to bed itself in.

The problems will not sort themselves out by themselves and residents cannot wait until March 1 next year for the zone to be reviewed.

East Worthing needs action now.

I believe WSCC should immediately suspend the zone as our MP Tim Loughton has called for.

This would allow time for a more in-depth investigation into the true needs for parking controls in the area and to listen to residents who know the local traffic problems best.

This includes the traffic caused by those visiting The Range and its inadequate car parking facilities.

One thing is for certain, extending the zone even further is not the answer when there are roads that can easily be taken back out of the zone to ease the shortage of parking spaces.

Mr M. Hughes

Ham Road, Worthing