‘Unsightly’ verges not to be praised

I APPLAUD the letter written by Stuart Mclean in the Herald letters page two weeks ago.

I to read with disbelief the letter by Chris Beardsley of the appropriately “verge free” Ripley Road with regards to the habitats these said verges are creating.

I am sure Mr Beardsley would not take such an idealistic approach to these verges if he lived in a road inundated with them. Not only do they look unsightly left in their abandoned state the only “habitat” I have seen frequenting them is the dogs who are thoroughly enjoying defecating in knee-deep grass.

My husband has very reluctantly mowed the grass on the verge outside or home numerous times this summer after we became frustrated with the contractors, who are surely paid through our council tax, not turning up despite numerous phone calls to West Sussex County Council. We resorted to this so that our two young children would not have to run the risk of treading in dog excrement as we walk across the verge to access our car.

So no, in short, Mr Beardsley I don’t agree with your comments and I for one certainly won’t be “congratulating West Sussex County Council for saving us money on grass cutting” as I am sure they won’t be congratulating me for doing their appointed contractors job for them and rewarding me with a council tax rebate for my efforts!

Joanne Edmondson

George V Avenue