Urge for drivers to park more considerately

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Correct me if I am wrong, I was brought up to understand that cars went on the road and pedestrians walked on the pavement.

The grass verge, or, as it may be called today, mud verge, is not only there to look attractive, but to give a well-defined barrier between cars and pedestrians, visually, as well as for safety.

Cars parked on the pavement not only block the view of pedestrians from cars, it also works the other way round. I have seen young women pushing their buggies in the road to get round vehicles parked on the pavement. I have nothing against drivers who act responsibly. Also, I cannot see where it says in the Highway code that it is okay to park your car wherever you like, so that you only have to walk a few yards to your destination.

Please, drivers, put a stop to this inconsiderate parking, there is no logical reason to act this way. Come on, drivers, be fair – roads for you, footpaths for pedestrians.

Mrs D. Parsons

Pratton Avenue