Use imagination

THE chaos we have seen across Britain over the past few days has been a terrifying display of widespread social failure, across at least two generations.

If we are to resolve long-term solutions to this failure, we must open-mindedly and thoroughly examine, whilst publicly bringing to light, the causes. We cannot continue to rely upon threats alone to dissuade these actions.

I believe there has been a seed of dissent planted in generations of children – the idea that true success can only be measured through fame, notoriety and the acquisition of wealth, by the quickest means possible.

Think about competitive game shows, talent programmes, music videos, and egomaniacal lyrics, role models with unjustifiable wages.

Good grades and qualifications become seen as the difficult route to success, and under-achieving becomes less unacceptable.

Knowledge, craft, devotion to practiced skills, become second place to fashion and social standing.

We need to redefine our aspirations, we need to shift the sole focus of life away from the notion of wealth. A continually-growing society should be using its imagination to better its past and present achievements, and individuality should be achieved by doing something that nobody has ever done before.

Peter Bailey

Ham Road