Use it or lose it

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LAST week, my wife and I enjoyed an excellent production of Busybody at the Connaught Theatre.

It was a well-written play with a good set, and the cast was in fine form.

Unfortunately, the audience was small.

It is little wonder that the viability of the theatre is in question if the people don’t support it. If a less-than-half house for the closing night of a short run by a professional company reflects the theatre-going habits of Worthing residents, I am not surprised at the proposal to consolidate all entertainment in a single facility.

Although I much prefer the Connaught for stage productions, the Pavilion is much more versatile, as the seats can be removed to give a flat floor for other types of entertainment.

I would be extremely disappointed to see the Connaught close, but, as the saying goes, “use it, or lose it”.

Ron Turner

Broadwater Road