‘Utterly crazy’

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Your letters

I’m one of many residents down Ivydore Avenue that was shaken up when we started hearing plans of 20mph restrictions down Durrington Hill.

The main reasons were the traffic impact would hit Ivydore a lot more and we already have oversized vehicles and people speeding down our road as it is.

It was decided at a CLC meeting that the borough council did not think that our traffic levels would increase and five out of the seven members ignored the fact that if you do spend the money on Durrington Hill, Ivydore and surrounding areas that have larger quantities of residents and families will be affected and endangered.

Now we had a meeting at Durrington Community Centre and when we asked Sussex Police why they couldn’t provide speed guns or other methods of measuring speed down our road, their response was, the councils had done risk assessments down our road and it would be too risky to carry this out.

Too risky for police to hold a speed gun, when they put themselves in far worse situations on a day to day basis?

In two weeks’ time I and fellow Ivydore residents will be putting on HI-VIS jackets and setting up tripods and recording traffic coming down the road, including buses and lorries that should not be using the road to pass down.

I’d be happy for someone to come down and talk to us in more detail on the day, I just think the public would like to read at how utterly crazy it is, that the council decide to spend over £30,000 on one road and ignore the others?

They’re all at risk of speeders on that section. And that the police have been told it’s too risky for them to hold a speed gun down that road.Well, residents will be doing it instead, and ‘risking’ our own lives.

Andy Haylor

Ivydore Avenue,


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