Vehicles parked on the pavement in Durrington

I have just read the letter in the Herald regarding parking in Pond Lane, Durrington, and feel that there should be a response as the information provided by the correspondent is not factually correct.

The local PCSO was on patrol in Durrington Lane when a resident asked him if parking on the pavement was allowed in Pond Lane, as he had just had to manoeuvre his young child, who was in a buggy, into the road, as the footpath was completely blocked by cars parking on it.

On checking for himself, the officer found seven cars parked at the location, three vehicles were not causing an obstruction, two were parked with two wheels on the pavement and two were parked with all four wheels on the pavement completely blocking the footpath.

The PCSO gave words of advice to two car owners, who had parked on the pavement and left advisory notices on the other vehicles requesting that the vehicles were not parked on the pavement again.

No fixed penalty notices were issued.

Vehicles parking on the pavement and causing an obstruction in Pond Lane is currently a neighbourhood priority as set by the Durrington/Northbrook neighbourhood panel at its last meeting.

Sergeant Craig Burgess

Neighbourhood Policing Team