Veiled attack?

I read with dismay the letter from Reuben Whiting entitled “Gay Marriage”, in last week’s Worthing Herald, with regard to the hypothetical outcome of a custody battle involving same-sex parents.

His naïve assumptions and apparent ignorance of diversity are bordering on the offensive.

To clarify, Mr Whiting, lesbians are homosexuals, too, and you are wrong to assume that all children of same-sex couples are adopted.

The simple answer to his question is that, as in any custody battle, the case would be assessed on its merits and decided upon in the best interests of the child or children.

The tone of his letter suggests this consequence of equal marriage would be an issue for not legislating in favour of equality. I interpreted it as a veiled attack on equal marriage and I find it somewhat distasteful that the break-up of families is being used as ammunition to make a political point.

Stuart McLean

Crockhurst hill