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Your letters

When did councillor Liza McKinney have ‘the worst meal I ever had in Sussex I had in the Denton Lounge’ (March 19)?

What does she expect to pay for a meal? The standard at Denton has been much improved over the last few months. I go there regularly with a number of friends, who all enjoy the service and food.

The Denton Lounge is well-used by local people, who enjoy the food, atmosphere, sea views and prices. People who return to support the venue would not do so if dissatisfied.

Councillor McKinney seems to expect five-star service at Denton Lounge prices. The two do not go together.

If five-star service and menus were provided, the Denton Lounge would probably be empty most of the time. No doubt that wouldn’t suit councillor McKinney either.

The Denton Lounge provides what the ratepayers need and enjoy.

Pauline Reymond

Pines Avenue


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