Verge markers subjected to cost cuts

I read with interest that the WSCC will no longer fit verge marker posts/bollards due to costs.

Outside my home, that same council have had to replace broken paving slabs and will (I have been advised) repair the torn up grass verge which one particular driver who chooses to park semi-pavement/road has damaged.

This has come to more than the £85 the council estimates to fit a single post.

This driver and others like them are, to all intents and purposes, committing criminal damage.

They should be fined and the costs used to make good the damage they have caused and where appropriate, fit verge bollards.

The police are powerless as the infringement is not enforceable.

I have actually offered to pay for two verge posts but the WSCC seemed to be extremely reluctant to co-operate.

Brian Halls

Carnforth Road