Very happy shopper

I THOUGHT I would write about a pleasant experience for a change.

So many times when shopping, I end up in a disgruntled mood, very often from the off-hand manner of some shop staff.

Last Friday, I took my wife to Sainsbury’s at Lyons Farm.

I had to ask a member of staff for guidance to a particular product.

He was very pleasant and took me the length of the store to exactly where the product was, took it off the shelf and handed it to me.

The lady on the check-out was very pleasant, as well.

When I went out into the car park with a full trolley, I was approached by a man who was sorting out the empty trolleys.

He asked if he could help me and proceeded to put some bags in the boot of my car.

We then went to the B&Q store, where, again, I asked for a product and was taken to it by a helpful and cheerful man.

On reaching the check-out, we were dealt with in a cheerful and helpful way by the young lady.

It is a pleasure to encounter such nice people.

So, thank you to the staff of those Lyons Farm stores. We will be visiting you all again.

Dave Hilton

The Gardens