Vulnerable suffer

THE first and not the last priority of a civilised, humane society is to protect the vulnerable.

However, Louise Goldsmith, chair of West Sussex County Council, has said publicly that the county council has done this with the adult social care review.

But have they?

What has been classed as vulnerable in the past now means the most profound only, cutting out 4,500 people, many who are adults with a learning disability.

These are largely those who suffer from neurological conditions which has precluded them from learning and thus have a child functioning age and therefore need protection.

With social service cuts what’s to become of these poor souls when their funding to attend places such as Ferring Country Centre ceases?

The choice is either a parent gives up work to care or if they can’t afford to do this then leave them as prey to those unsavoury elements on the street.

The county council says it will point them in the direction of “other agencies and the NHS” – are they not entitled to a life rather than an existence?

Don’t Cut Us Out! is a group that is representing these vulnerable people and has called on the county council to open a dialogue before its too late and a judicial review is sought, which should view them as people with rights and not just figures to shamefully erase on a balance sheet.

Anthony Foote

Kendal Road