Wake up, Worthing

MY wife and I decided to have a trip to Worthing to have lunch and a walk along the seafront.

We went into a car park and I was just about to put some money into the machine when I noticed that the fees were £1.60 an hour.

This would mean adding £4.80 to the cost of the lunch – I was only intending to rent the parking place, not buy it.

Usually, we go to Brighton and park for free and use our bus passes, which means it’s free, or we go to Eastbourne, where to park on the seafront for free or very cheap.

As I can park in Croydon for less or go to Bluewater and stay all day for nothing, I think that Worthing needs to wake up before the town dies completely.

I will not bother to visit Worthing ever again.

Mr J.K. Apps

Malmstone Ave