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Your letters

I had an idea last week to have a Worthing Veterans Day.

Although we have the Armed Forces weekend and Remembrance Sunday, this would be a totally separate event just for the veterans of Worthing.

I think they would enjoy being able to march through the town wearing their medals to show how pleased they are to have served their country, as I am.

The answer I received from the combined ex services association was that this was not feasible as the Highways Department would not let the veterans march along a bus route. But surely they would not have to?

The children’s parade comes through Montague Street, South Street, Warwick Street and then in to Steyne Gardens, so why could the veterans not follow the same route?

Being a veteran myself and having served with the 4/7th Royal Dragon Guards, I would be very proud to march through the town that I have lived in for six years and have come to like very much. I have never heard of another town to have a veterans day parade, we could be the first and you never know, we could start something.

R Harman

Brighton Road,


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