Warmly welcomed

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I’M one of your “local” (though not, apparently, for the purposes of Worthing Council) rough sleepers, and a beneficiary of the Herald/Gazette’s Winter Warmers’ campaign.

On behalf of myself and all the other street people (not all of them can read or write too well) may I just say a big thank you to everyone who contributed in whatever way. Your efforts have made a big difference to a number of lives- and, indeed, quite possibly saved one or two.

Fortunately, it has been a very mild winter so far – in December, 2009, for comparison the temperature did not rise above zero for more than 20 days – and I myself am generally well equipped.

There are, however, a number of persons (not all of them living on the street – remember that lonely, elderly people are particularly vulnerable) not so lucky.

Some of them are in a precarious state of health to begin with and would find it very difficult to cope with a prolonged spell of really cold weather.

So please, Christmas may be over, but take the time to keep an eye out for your disadvantaged neighbours – if you don’t see the old lady who lives next door for a few days just take five minutes to pop in and check she’s all right.

Andrew Duggan

St Clares

Marine Place