Warning about permit area

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I am writing to warn anyone thinking of parking at the north west end of York Road in Worthing, which has been for as long as l can remember an hour’s free parking, to look elsewhere. This spot has now, overnight, become a permit holders only area which, although clearly still marked as a free short-stay limit on the current “where to park” map, will incur a fine of £70 if you do not have a permit. This is another clear sign of the NSL’s intentions, currently sucking the life blood out of Worthing town centre’s business, which will only end when every road in Worthing is a paying or controlled parking zone. Perhaps they could follow Ikea’s lead in Southampton, where if you spend £20 in store they will give you free parking. This could easily be implemented in Worthing’s multi-storey car parks by our own large retailers, or would that go against their policy of easing traffic movement and improving business?

Barry Hodson

Clay Lane,