Warning to drivers

THIS is a warning to fellow motorists.

I attended a meeting at Worthing Hospital and being disabled I tried to park as near as possible to the hospital building.

I managed to find a car parking space in Park Avenue, which had a line of parked cars.

It was next to the derelict houses which still had the residents parking permit holders signs up.

Knowing there are no residents living there, I thought the signs were obsolete.

I thought it was safe to park.

How wrong I was.

Two hours later I emerged from the meeting to find a parking ticket as I had not displayed an appropriate permit. When these houses are demolished in April, will these signs still be there?

I find this to be absolutely crazy.

It seems to me gathering parking fines is a money-grabbing exercise.

So be warned, car drivers, DON’T park in Park Avenue.

Jackie Burlison,

Allangate Drive,