Waste of money

The letter from E Stevens, like so many from the 20’s Plenty group, is long on emotional rhetoric and short on statistics or logic.

Wallace Avenue is referred to with an average speed of 24.5mph and a maximum speed of 79.2mph; don’t you see Mr/Mrs Stevens that all of those exceeding the 30mph limit on Wallace Road are already breaking the law, so what difference would it make to them if you reduced the limit to 20mph?

According to a link on the WSCC website, 29 people died on the Worthing roads between 1999 and 2010, however a deeper look at those figures show that only nine were on roads which might be effected by a 20mph speed limit and in fact there have been no fatalities on such roads (according to the website) since 2005.

Interestingly, six of the nine who died were over 70 years old and three (of the six) were over 85. This might be a reflection of the general age of the population in Worthing or it might suggest that we need to look at other factors such as lighting etc.

The 20’s Plenty group likes to hold Portsmouth up as a beacon of how well 20mph speed limits work, but again from the same website we can see that KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) on Portsmouth’s roads increased considerably in 2011 and that the number of KSI per billion vehicle miles is some 80 per cent higher than those for West Sussex.

Now, I am the first to admit that statistics can be tweaked to prove almost any point, but the fact is that spending the big end of £400,000 to achieve a minor reduction in average speeds seems to me to be a waste of money, and if the council has this kind of money to spend they should look in depth at the accident blackspots to see what can be done about road layout, lighting, crossings, visibility etc.

Please, let’s spend ratepayer’s money wisely!

D Price

Poulters Lane