Watching demise of our wildlife

How much longer do we have to watch the demise of our wild-life on Brooklands Lake?

We have seen little fluffy ducklings and cygnets growing up over the summer months, and marvelled at the amount there were this year, and how much pleasure they bring to young and old alike.

Now, not only have many of them been killed off by the algae in the water, but the swan family has been virtually wiped out, too.

As I sit here at this moment, I can see a dead duck floating on a surface of black algae.

It is really so upsetting. The whole area around the lake is in a disgusting and deplorable state. This is one of the prime beauty spots along this part of the south coast and is completely neglected.

The people who run the railway and amusements are trying their hardest to bring visitors to the area, but who wants to see a filthy, smelly lake? When is the council going to act?

Sheila Wynn

Brighton Road