Water apology

ON behalf of Southern Water can I please wish a full recovery to Lara Wilson (Fears Ferring Woman Caught Infection From Polluted Sea – Worthing Herald).

With regard to this it is important to consider the results of tests of the seawater taken after our East Worthing treatment works released sewage into the sea and three days before Lara went paddling.

These showed that the seawater was once again passing European water quality standards following the incident.

Nevertheless, a full investigation into the problem at our site continues in conjunction with the Environment Agency and Worthing Borough Council. 

Regardless of this particular incident, an extensive project is in place for the East Worthing works and by the summer of 2014 this will have improved many aspects of the site including alleviating the risk of pollution and flooding.

Finally, can I repeat our apologies to everyone who was affected by this incident and re-assure you that we did everything possible to get things back to normal as quickly as we could.

Geoff Loader

Director of communications

Southern Water