Watery problems

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YOUR story about the lady in High Salvington who had a leaking pipe for over a week is nothing on our experience.

Last autumn, I noticed a noise of running water in our pipes and I suspected a leak. A man from Southern Water turned up very quickly, diagnosed that it was indeed a leak at our meter, and marked it to be repaired “in about a week”. He also assured us we would not have to pay for the leaked water.

The “about a week” turned into eight weeks, and the leak was repaired only after repeated phone calls to Southern Water. When we received our half-year bill about four months later, they had not credited us for the leaked water, so it was about £400 higher than normal. But, to give them their due, upon receipt of a stiff letter from my husband, they reduced our invoice to a reasonable level.

Lucy Brooks

Furze Road

High Salvington