Waving red flag

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IN answer to Duncan Kay’s letter in last week’s Herald, regarding the road traffic accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in Worthing, the figures I quoted were from the statistics released by the police and published on the BBC website showing all accidents and fatalities.

If you had read my letter more carefully, you would have noticed that their figures show that only three people have perished on residential roads THAT WOULD BE AFFECTED by your 20’s Plenty campaign.

Your own website states that 44 per cent of the fatalities you claim, happened on arterial routes, that would not be affected.

Your campaign also does not make any reference to how these accidents occurred, are the motorist always to blame? Are they all mounting the pavements to hit these pedestrians? Or are the pedestrians taking chances to dash across the road rather than using the enormous amount of crossings in this town, that are put there for their safety.

Pedestrians also have a responsibility to cross the road in a safe manner. Everybody who drives in Worthing will have seen no end of people crossing the roads, especially on the seafront, 30 yards away from a pedestrian crossing, because it’s quicker. We see students nipping across the Littlehampton Road to the college, rather than use the footbridge.

Worthing is, without doubt, the hardest town in Sussex to negotiate by car or bike, a lot of it caused by this incessant vendetta against the motor car by speed humps, road narrowing and parking restrictions and now the 20’s Plenty brigade.

Quite frankly, I believe that 99 per cent of motorists in this town already drive responsibly and with due consideration for pedestrians and cyclist, the other 1 per cent won’t take much notice of the 20mph limit, anyway, and none of us can be held responsible for people that don’t take care when they cross the road.

I don’t suppose any of this will hold much sway with you, Mr Kay, I suspect you won’t be happy until we all employ someone to walk in front of our cars waving a red flag.

Steve Woods

Strathmore Road