We all want truth

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I WRITE in response to Elaine Ansells’ letter published August 23.

I am sure that there are (regrettably) many practical reasons why not all churches leave their buildings open indefinitely throughout the week. It is true that many churches do not meet in traditional buildings – in my experience, where they meet in school premises, it is out of school hours as a hired venue.

I do feel that making inflammatory comments is unhelpful.

I am a 31-year-old mother of two, married, we attend church as a family and I have been going to church my whole life.

I have personally experienced and witnessed many reasons to leave church and feel like I never want to return.

However, I do not place my hope in other people, whether fellow church goers, church leaders, politicians, family, friends, etc.

Whilst these people enrich my life, and help inform my thoughts and feelings, my hope rests in God alone. People do not, and cannot, validate Christian doctrine.

The Christian doctrine validates the people.

This in itself brings hope to me. To borrow phraseology from Martin Luther, “we are all beggars”.

A beautiful illustration of this is when the Pharisees brought a women caught in adultery to Jesus.

She would have been fully expecting to be stoned, however, Jesus responded by inviting those without sin to cast the first stone – none did.

Where there are people there will be failings, but God has never failed us.

I am not leaving church, where there is truth it will attract like moth to flame.

Truth by its very definition is attractive – we all want to know “the truth”, don’t we?

Katie Bower

Ashdown Road