We disagree

I was surprised by your headline last week and the results of your survey on a proposed 20 mph speed limit for selected residential roads in Worthing.

This does not reflect the views of residents in Bulkington Avenue, where we live.

Cars frequently career along our road at 40mph or more.

Neighbours report cats being killed and near misses with children on their way to school.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I witnessed a driver who had to swerve to avoid an oncoming car travelling well over the current speed limit, hitting the kerb in the process and suffering a puncture.

My daughter and her friend, both aged 10, are so fed up with how dangerously people drive along our road, that they chose to carry out a petition to make Bulkington Avenue a 20’s Plenty zone.

They simply want to be able to walk to school and play out on their street in safety. So far they have obtained over 85 per cent of signatures in favour and will be submitting their petition to Worthing Borough Council.

I’m delighted that there will be a public consultation on lowering the speed limit on our residential roads. We know that these limits work: speed restrictions outside schools at the start and end of the day definitely slow down traffic to a safer level. Why can’t this be rolled out in areas where people live, enabling people to travel and to live and go about their business in relative safety?

Sarah Maynard

Bulkington Avenue