We don’t agree

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For the last two weeks I have read articles stating why fireworks should only be limited to organised displays.

I have to disagree that it is the majority of the public that want this, as not everyone is able to attend public events.

My husband suffers with mental health issues and is unable to cope with large crowds. Why should this mean that we, as a family, are unable to enjoy fireworks at home?

It is also around the time of my son’s birthday and so we normally have fireworks at home to celebrate this, too.

My husband did not choose to have this condition, unlike people with dogs, and therefore should also be allowed to enjoy them.

We are not ‘mindless morons’ but people who still respect our friends and neighbours. To brand everyone as this, is mindless in itself.

Thank you for letting me put my side across.

Wendy Massey

Southdownview Road