We need flowers

I RECENTLY visited Bognor Regis and was charmed by the masses of beautiful flowers.

Then I came through the outskirts of Littlehampton where there were huge “boats” filled with pansies and anchors. On to Rustington and yet more beautiful displays. Even little Ferring had a great display on the green.

Then it was Worthing where there was a great display of... nothing. There are a few miserable pansies in Heene Gardens and another dreadful bed in The Steyne.

Why can we not emulate our neighbours and make Worthing a pretty place to visit? Surely we want to encourage visitors to come and spend money? You have to spend money to make money and we are failing to attract people.

Coaches used to visit Heene Gardens for the beds but they have long since disappeared. We need to attract them back and parking for coaches and huge floral displays would help. The old police station and section house would make an ideal coach park and bus station.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road