We’re on the case

WE would like to reassure Worthing and District SCOPE that we are on the case in delivering an enforceable disabled bay outside their premises as featured in the Herald on August 4.

As your article correctly states, the present bays are not enforceable and rely on the charity of their neighbours.

To become enforceable a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has to be issued and Worthing is currently allocated a measly three per year.

These cover anything from introducing one-way systems, double yellow lines at junctions through to enforceable notices.

In a report to the Worthing County Local Committee (CLC) in April there were 60 outstanding TROs but we did notice two were for enforceable disabled bays outside various shops in the town.

We immediately asked the reporting West Sussex Highways officer to combine the two TROS and include Scope. The officer agreed to check out the legal feasibility but as yet we are without reply.

We have chased again only last week for an answer and will continue to do so until we get a satisfactory response.

I have spoken to the cabinet member and we are trying to identify some Section 106 monies that can be used but the officer I need to talk to is on holiday at the moment.

Alan Rice

Worthing Borough Councillor for Gaisford Ward

Bob Smytherman

West Sussex County Councillor for Tarring Division