Weedy problem

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At the end of Sackville Crescent the verges are overgrown to such an extent that not only are the grass and weeds over a foot tall but the grass has grown out onto the pavement and now occupies one side of pavement.

Apart from that, grass and weeds are growing in the gutters and edge of the pavement in Sackville Road.

This is because the mowings do not have grass boxes so allow cuttings to be blown about in the wind and seed themselves in the gutters and along pavements.

When I originally contacted West Sussex County Council a few weeks ago to cut the grass and clear the footpath, I was told it would be treated in the next two weeks, which they did indeed do.

However, they apparently no longer use weed killer in case it contaminates the soil but instead use an alternative that is “environmentally acceptable” even though it is less effective.

Weed killers have been used for decades without any perceptible or proven damage to the environment.

Although the grass and weeds that are growing onto and out of the paving slabs are now brown they are still evident so the treatment has been ineffective.

When I dared to suggest that someone should come and use a hoe to remove the grass and weeds I was told this would not be done due to the cost.

Surely a permanent long-term solution is better than having to retreat these areas on a regular basis?

I have included pictures of the area concerned showing just how bad it is.

Perhaps WSCC could explain why they feel that they cannot deal with this weed problem better?

James Smith

Sackville Way